Site revised and updated
22 August 2019

Welcome to martianphotography

In addition to recent railway photographs  I have finally got around to updating with a new gallery of US aviation which has been in the pending tray for a while now. At the same time I have updated the Recent Image folder to reflect this .

The Recent Image folder continues to receive updates on UK Rail images when possible and also contains a number of US related rail and aviation galleries  gained from travels during the year.

The Trains folder is  principally formed with UK Rail digital images ranged in year and monthly sections.  The Railway World folder has been separated out to emphasise the more global nature of these images.

More railway archive scans will also be periodically added to the collection  in due course.

As ever,  I hope you will enjoy what you find. Please return and look again as they are added to the collections.

More scanned images will  gradually appear as time allows and I continue to sieve through my old transparencies etc. 

Unfortunately not all of the archive images have detailed info - so if you spot any glaring errors, my apologies, and please let me know so that I can amend where appropriate.
Other folders and galleries will continue to be added when available.

If you are new to the site, - welcome. I hope you will enjoy what you see.
Please continue to return regularly to see more as work progresses.
Better still, if you have enjoyed browsing please spread word of the site so that others may also discover.

 Thanks for dropping by.


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